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Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days

Book Review

The Sprint process was developed at Google Ventures by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky. It’s a highly effective process for solving problems by building prototypes and user-testing them over a span of five days. Sprint is almost a required reading for everyone in the tech industry — from the executives to the engineers. I’ve recommended this book to more people than I can remember and recently realized that I haven’t published an official review of this book here, or have one place with all the links to my writings on it. I’m rectifying that this week.

First, here’s a small 90-second video summarizing the process:

The following 5 tutorials go through some of the key ideas and processes within the Sprint process (they also link to each other — so opening the first one would be enough)

The Sprint Process Day 1: Start at the End, Make a map and Ask the Experts

The Sprint Process Day 2: Remix & Improve and Sketch

The Sprint Process Day 3: Decide, Rumble and Storyboard

The Sprint Process Day 4: Prototype

The Sprint Process Day 5: Test and Learn

These ideas/processes in this book are applicable outside of running a sprint as well — in particular, when it comes to making decisions quickly or interviewing users. I wrote another post for UXPlanet earlier this year with this theme:

16 UX Design tools from the Sprint Process

That’s about it! The authors also wrote Make Time that I reviewed earlier this year. I can’t recommend both books enough!

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